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Battling Seizures Nearly Every Day


State: Ohio
Congressional District: OH07


Neurological Disease

My Story

My name is Tiffany Kairos. I've lived with epilepsy for over 10 years, having survived a car crash as a result of a grand mal seizure. I had been married for only four months at that time. After my diagnosis, I had to stop working, my husband and I lost our home, and had to begin our lives all over again.

Inspired by this tragedy, my husband and I began researching my condition in order to better my life and the lives of others affected by this condition. We created an online community and organization - The Epilepsy Network (TEN) and also, I created a personal blog about my journey living with epilepsy (riseaboveepilepsy.com). I have now been advocating for this cause for over seven years and it has and always will be a mission and passion of mine.

I still battle seizures just about every day.

But I do not let that stop me from living a fulfilling and worthwhile life.

My Motivation and Inspiration

My motivation is the patients and caregivers that also endure epilepsy every day. Too, the lack of education leading to misconception and mistreatment.

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