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Cancer and a Love of Star Wars



State: Ohio
Congressional District: OH11



Issues and Challenges

Dale has encountered: Access to Expert Providers

My Story

Many people choose different ways of handling a diagnosis of a serious disease. Some choose to be very private about their journey. Others can take a very negative stance and shut themselves off from life. When I got my diagnosis in late 2014, the first question I asked my oncologist was if I would be able to attend a Star Wars convention in April 2015. While I was concerned about the disease and what the next steps would be, my first concern was “how will this affect the life I have enjoyed living?” The doctor gave me a thumbs up and I was able to spend a few wonderful days with my friends and immerse myself in my geeky passion.

Additionally, I started a blog about my thoughts and experiences living with Multiple Myeloma. I felt this format was a good way to share information with others who were walking the same path as I was. I soon discovered that being so open about my disease did help others who had questions about their treatments. The blog also contained entries encouraging others to live life and not allow the disease to rule them. There’s so much life to live!

My Motivation and Inspiration

My motivation comes from a number of places. I have a great number of people who have provided support and encouragement throughout my entire journey. While I am doing all of this for me, I am also doing this for them. I want to spend time with them and enjoy my life to its fullest.

While it may seem odd, I also have found inspiration in others who have lived with cancer. I look at how they lived not as survivors, but as "thrivers".

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