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Disagreeing With Doctor’s Notes and Assessments

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State: Texas
Congressional District: TX22


Blood Disease, Bone / Muscle Disease, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Ear / Nose / Throat Disease, Eye Disease, Gastrointestinal Disease, Heart Disease, Mental Health, Migraine, Neurological Disease, Skin Disease, Urological Disease

Issues and Challenges

Hany has encountered: Access to Expert Providers, Access to Medicine, Medicare / Medicaid Issues, Medical Records Access, Mental Health Access, Surprise Billing, Abuse (Mental, Physical, Elder), Disability, Financial Assistance

My Story

I am a disabled American citizen with full medical coverage. I am in a black list by corrupted doctors, corrupted government officials, and corrupted E.R. hospitals, denying me the proper medical treatment till I die from a serious heart disease or become paralyzed and be blind soon!!

Doctors put down in my medical records that I refused medical treatment, to cover up for their criminal act and cover up for previous corrupted doctors!!! I am in too much pain to handle due to my severe head trauma 2011, cervical and spinal disorder and chronic headache and pain all over my body!

My Motivation and Inspiration

My Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

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