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Fibromyalgia changed my destiny

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Chronic Pain

Issues and Challenges

jade has encountered: Access to Expert Providers, Disability, Invisible Illness, Job Insecurity / Loss

My Story

I'm a thirty two year old woman who has had fibromyalgia (FMS) for going into eight years. I've had IBS for some time before that. I've been to numerous medical experts, all of whom are useless when you have this invisible chronic illness. I've tried a variety of supplements and therapies, none of which seem to work. However, I plan on trying reishi mushroom, yoga, and massage.

About four years ago, I learned I was a highly sensitive person (HSP), which means my brain and nervous system are more sensitive to things, including stress.

My life has been very stressful. My mom and dad divorced, after he cheated on her. Then a year after the divorce, which happened when I was two, he died from a heart attack. I was three. Then after that, my mother made a 180 degree career flip from geology to law school, so it meant we had to move a lot. It was really stressful to move almost every three years. It was a blur of houses, schools neighborhoods. It made making and keeping friends tough and I was bullied a hell of a lot. Although, highly sensitive children are often bullied.

The weird part was that I was never a party person, never into drugs, booze, or smoking. Wasn't into hooking up. Wasn't a risky driver. I treated my body like a temple, so when I was bombarded by this chronic health condition it didn't make sense. Neither was there a family history of chronic health issues.

I've been jobless the past decade, ever since graduating uni with a history degree in 2012. I did odd jobs, but never stuck to one thing. So that's another stress - unemployment. Then the past three years I've been writing freelance, although unpaid. Still it gives me something to do, something to give me confidence. I've written for over twenty blogs and penned over fifty guest posts between 2019-2022. I've also been trying to write a novel, but can't seem to finish it. I plan on trying one last time this year.

My Motivation and Inspiration

My motivtiton would be writing more articles/creating a blog and trying to write my novel.
I wish to also travel a lot, ome day.
I also want to write a screen play.
My rescue ca, who is twelve now, alwso plays a part in my mental well being.

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