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Harassed, Abused, and Kicked out of the Emergency Room

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Pam Duvall-Richardson

State: Michigan
Congressional District: MI02


Issues and Challenges

Pam Duvall-Richardson has encountered: Abuse (Mental, Physical, Elder)

My Story

My name is Pam Richardson age 59 years old

My husband called the ambulance dispatch to our primary residence where I was located in bathroom, on floor vomiting; hot flashes; and uncontrollable bowels on 10/9/2022.

I, Pam Richardson, was transported by Ambulance to Mercy Health Hospital where I arrived with my husband. All I had on was a t-shirt no panties no bra. The ambulance worker placed me in a wheelchair then placed me in lobby with public access. I ended up fainting, falling out of the wheelchair on falling on the floor only to be told by a nurse "GET UP OFF THE FLOOR before I call the police on you for indecent exposure!" Nurse said to me that she had seen me walk in. I replied "No I didn't walk in here the ambulance brought me in here like this."

So I'm still out of the wheelchair and on the floor when a nurse towers over me saying "GET UP WE HAVE FAMILIES and KIDS in this public lobby." I immediately told her the ambulance brought me in here like this. SHE argued me down back and forth saying, "NO I seen you walk in here so get up or else I'm calling the police having you arrested for indecent exposure."

NO ONE cared enough to give me a pair of pants or blanket or Towel to cover me.

So now my husband comes witness the unfair medical treatment and was very angered so he calls the Police himself. NOW they said we were talking too loud, so they Trespassed both him and I and refused me Medical Care that I was brought in ambulance to receive. I was never seen by a doctor myself and husband were ask to leave premises.

My Motivation and Inspiration

I am asking for punitive damages for the unfair and discrimination of medical.

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