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In pain, but pain doctors won’t help

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State: Texas
Congressional District: TX19


Chronic Pain, Endocrine Disease, Gastrointestinal Disease, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease

Issues and Challenges

Cynthia has encountered: Medical Discrimination

My Story

I have over 30 diagnoses including Chronic pain syndrome (due to degenerative disk disease with several herniations), non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, splenomegaly, portal hypertension with a thrombus of the portal vein, platelets in the 40s, chronic kidney disease and arthritis. All of which, disqualify me for ANY procedures, as I am at high risk for bleeding. I have explained this to every pain management physician sent a referral for treatment. Every one of them have denied treatment because they do not want to prescribe medication, which has to be Dilauded due to my other conditions.

I am wondering, where is the Oath Physicians take of Do no harm????? I have been without pain meds for 4 months now and am VERY depressed and frustrated. How can I get help???

My Motivation and Inspiration

I would just like a physician who will treat me. I moved and cannot afford to travel the 400 miles to the former pain management physician I was previously seeing.

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