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Incorrectly Categorized as a Hospice Patient

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State: Pennsylvania
Congressional District: PA01



Issues and Challenges

Mandy has encountered: Insurance Issues, Transportation, Abuse (Mental, Physical, Elder), Power of Attorney

My Story

My mother was surprisingly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in March of this year(2023). She drove herself to the hospital after months of her primary Dr. telling her that all her pain was due Scoliosis!

The hospital kept her for a week, to try to control her pain. When she came home, I took her to a cancer hospital for a second opinion!

The abuse and neglect is nothing like I have ever seen!

To make a long story short, she had a UTI, which made her beyond consumed , she was malnourished and they took out her IV. We had a goal, a plan, chemo and immunotherapy and once it would shrink radiation!
I was there every day, there was to be PT and OT and, yea, food. There was no PT,OT and no food.

We walked in one morning - they had convinced my mother, again, who was malnourished and confused that hospice was the best thing for her!

Against the medical team, we pulled her out. We took her to another cancer hospital.

Now, today, 5 months later, she is walking, gained 30 lbs and is in no pain. If my son and I were not there advocating for her, today she would be dead! They would have continued their treatment, and treated her like a hospice patient!

This needs to end!

A well known hospital - it was easier for them to let her go on hospice versus doing what the treatment plan was!

My Motivation and Inspiration

My motivation is for others that may not be so lucky and have a child or advocate that can be there!
The anger I felt, for my mother, myself and all those others that may be alive because they did not have someone gets me sick!

This is just a small portion of what happened. How many people die or go on hospice because it is easier!

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