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Insurer Denies Rehab After Multiple Organ Failure


State: Pennsylvania
Congressional District: PA09


Rare Disease

Issues and Challenges

Ramona has encountered: Insurance Issues, Medicare / Medicaid Issues, Nursing Home / Assisted Living, Transparency in Health Care, Veterans Affairs

My Story

I have spent 63 days in ICU and overcame multi organ failure with my kidneys and liver. I was on dialysis for weeks and now no longer need it. My liver repaired itself and now the only thing left to heal is my lungs. I remain on a ventilator and in need of intense therapy to rehab off the ventilator.

This all started with me having a blood clot in my lung, pneumonia, and sepsis. I was being treated at a local hospital but overnight my stats dropped and they air flighted me to a trauma center. My insurance is Medicare part C which is funded by Aetna and they are rejecting my claims to be sent to a rehab. I have overcome so many obstacles I was told I never would. Now, I have one remaining obstacle which is being weaned off the ventilator and my insurance is denying this care.

My Motivation and Inspiration

Animals and helping others. I am a sucker for both which has been so extreme I did not take care of myself as much as I should have.

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