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State: New York
Congressional District: NY16


Chronic Pain, Mental Health

Issues and Challenges

Jim has encountered: Copay Issues, Out of Pocket Costs

My Story

Depression is a 'myth' in some religious households. I grew up Catholic and "depression" and other mental health issues were not attrtibuted to the brain or the mind, but the soul. There was no 'anxiety disoder', no 'PTSD', just a need for better understanding of God and communion with Him. I think spiritual communion is a vital part of life, but it doesn't replace the need for mental health care.

It wasn't until I was an adult and on my own that I learned that what I had was major depression. I'm not bitter or anything about not being diagnosed early - my life's path is what it is - but by acknowledging that I had a disease I was able to get it treated.

Mental health issues are real. If you feel like something in your experience of life is broken, or if a loved one expresses that, give the benefit of the doubt. Explore. Explore spirituality too, but don't diminish what could be a real, true disease that can be treated.

My Motivation and Inspiration

When I was at my lowest, good samaritans came to my aid. I will honor them and serve others in-turn as best I can.

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