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Joy Helping Other Cope with Lupus


State: Texas
Congressional District: TX09


Chronic Pain, Immune Disease

Issues and Challenges

Mary has encountered: Copay Issues

My Story

I embrace each day. Let me share with you what I have dealt with since spring 1991.

Swelling began, Christmas 1992, pain overall kicked in, January 1993, I was diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. In 2000, survived cancer and had a hysterectomy, 2001-2002 battled iritis (totally blind). 2015 diagnosed with gout, 2017 diagnosed with osteopenia, 2019 diagnosed with osteoarthritis. This would depress even the strongest of the strong and destroy a weak person to give up. Not me. I won ballroom dance contests with a dance partner 22 years younger than me. I live each day, push through and rest when it necessary to rest.

My Motivation and Inspiration

Before my diagnoses, I was lost, confused and scared. My mother past just months prior to the onset so mourning her and dealing with this pain was the most unpleasant time of my life. I had no one to understand what I was going through. My doctor recommended a support group, but it depressed me more.

When I discovered lupus ran in the family, I researched the illness, joined social media and found uplifting groups. I became an advocate in 2006 and life has been wonderful. I get the greatest joy helping others to cope with lupus.

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