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Medicaid saved my life from cancer


State: Missouri
Congressional District: MO06



Issues and Challenges

Kim has encountered: Insurance Issues

My Story

In late summer 2011 when taking my shower I discovered a lump in my left breast. I was uninsured and thought I would be proactive by making a appointment in October when free mammograms were available at my church. The day of my scheduled mammogram appointment, I was informed by the nurse clinician that I was not eligible for the mammogram because she could feel the lump in my breast and they only test healthy breast tissue. She then suggested I try somewhere else to get a mammogram ( I was not referred to another Diagnostic clinic).

I felt completely defeated after I had waited several weeks for this appointment only to be told that I did not qualify. While scheduling my appointment, during my phone interview I was asked if I noticed changes in my breast. At that time I was not informed that a lump in my breast would disqualify my eligibility for the free exam.

30 days later I was able to get an appointment at my local county hospital for a mammogram. I received a mammogram, ultrasound and then was scheduled for the biopsy (faster than my head could get wrapped around everything that was going on) . I did a tissue biopsy and an aspirated biopsy and was told within an hour of my procedure that I did have breast cancer. I was fortunate enough to be able to get Medicaid since I was uninsured. Minus some co-pays, my Medicaid insurance has covered all of my chemotherapy, radiation, reconstructive surgery and my ongoing Doctor's appointments in reference to my breast cancer diagnosis.

If it had not been for state assistance I would not have survived and lived to share my story.

My Motivation and Inspiration

My determination to live and to fight for my life. my family, friends and a thriving business. Believing that God would heal me and bring me thru giving me another chance at life to help others in their fight

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