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New Citizen Gets Hit with Surprise Billing

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State: Colorado
Congressional District: CO07


Issues and Challenges

Gabby has encountered: Copay Issues, Surprise Billing, Abuse (Mental, Physical, Elder), Caregiving, Medical Discrimination, Transparency in Health Care

My Story

I had 2 really bad experiences in less then 2 months:

1. With Children Hospital of Colorado, in Aurora, CO. They decided to made some blood analyses to my daughter even I did not approve them, they were not at all urgent (like they also confirmed) and they did not inform me about additional costs. The entrire laboratory tests were transferred to my charge, even it was a preventive visit previously confirmed with the medical assistant and front desk staff. Even more, by an official email sent after the visit and analyses, the provided confirmed me (in mychart) that all the services (included laboratory services ) were preventive. My plan cover preventive services and even deductibles are waived for them . May be they knew that and they tried all them best to make me pay for all services.

2. Provider Tiffany Ancheril, Westminster, CO
Even it was my first visit in this country at a PCP and I double checked with the front desk and all the medical staff before the appointment that I need only preventive service, the PCP mentioned again other non preventive medical codes and the entire bill was automatically transferred in my charge. That was really hilarious because it was only a short 10 minute discussion, no health worries and no other investigations. I explained her that I only need a routine exam, but in vain.

My Motivation and Inspiration

may be something will be really changed, I who the financial interest are huge and will be very difficult

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