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Peripheral Neuropathy: A Homeopathic Approach

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State: Illinois
Congressional District: IL01


Chronic Pain, Endocrine Disease, Neurological Disease

Issues and Challenges

Sandra has encountered: Access to Expert Providers, Underserved Community

My Story

I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy over ten years ago, which has caused me excruciating nerve pain at times. The level of agony that I have been subjected to does not even register on the Wong-Baker Faces Scale©, which I’m frequently asked to use to assess my pain. The chronic pain that I have been experiencing since being diagnosed with this condition is something that no one should have to endure.

The symptoms I've been dealing with since being diagnosed with this disease have included the following five markers: extreme fatigue, consistent irritation, an ongoing state of depression, mind altering muscle spasms, and anger at myself and the medical teams I was requesting medical care from.

I was baffled as to why this pain was permeating through my body, and I prayed every and all day that it would vanish and never return.

To be honest, there were days and times when I wondered if there was any chance that one of the medications I was prescribed would last longer than the usual eight hours after taking my medication. I even had high hopes that the steroid injections I received would relieve my pain, but that hope was short-lived because pain-free days were few and far between.

I had multiple discussions with my medical team providers, pleading with them, at times literally, to find out exactly what was causing so much pain and, more importantly, to find a medication or treatment that could help alleviate this pain from my body. Nothing seemed to work, and I felt as if my body and mind were collapsing, and I would succumb to this disease.

Determined not to give up, I continued my search for a primary care doctor who would listen to the patient and not only offer her suggestions, but also welcome any new medications or therapies that I thought would help me manage the chronic nephrotic condition that had paralyzed a big part of my life. Her and I collaborated on a shared decision-making plan that so far has worked in my favor. I tried one last medication, a topical cream, and when it did not work as effectively as I would have liked, I combined it along with Acupuncture and CBD massage oil.
I use the combination of the three when the spasms appear to be forming and thus far this combination of the three have provided me with the most relief since I received the diagnosis.

How long before the pain comes back with a vengeance? That is a question for which I have no answer. My hope is it wouldn't return, but like many other chronic conditions, I know that it is possible it will return. What I've discovered is that there are other options available to patients like myself who would prefer to heal using Homeopathic methods rather than the mountain of pills that are frequently imposed on them.

My Motivation and Inspiration

Tired of not being provided with all of the options to manage the chronic pain I experience thanks to the diagnosis of Neuropathy I went on a search for my own options. What I found was that traditional Western medicine is always not the best option. Thanks to my continued effort to be my own best advocate the information I came proved beneficial for me and I wanted to open up the dialogue on how the two paths of nontraditional and traditional medicine can help the patient in ways that are very often not spoken of.

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