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Finding the right doctor – dementia meets fibromyalgia

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State: Texas
Congressional District: TX09


Mental Health

Issues and Challenges

Alicia has encountered: Access to Expert Providers, Copay Issues, Insurance Issues

My Story

As a caregiver for my mother who has bipolar disorder and dementia I am now her legal guardian. For many years her medication has gone unregulated and she has often been overmedicated by physicians who were not truly interested in her wellness but more so seeing her monthly as if she were a part of their checklist.

There came a time when her psychiatrist of fifteen years no longer accepted her insurance and would only accept cash payments. This was taxing on our finances and was also challenging because we felt changing doctors could possibly affect her mental health. After stepping in to manage her medication, along with her doctor we were able to reduce her medication significantly and in return began to see glimmers of my mother's personality blossoming.

In the past year her psychiatrist passed away which forced me to look for another doctor for her monthly care visits. Since this transition we have found a physician that not only takes her insurance but is highly compassionate and has regulated her fibromyalgia which we now realize is the source of her bipolar episodes. The pain of fibromyalgia is so unbearable that it actually affects her mind and how she processes information. We are grateful to have found a doctor that she can relate to and also takes the time to nurture her in her appointments. This doesn't mean that he spends hours with her, it simply means that the time that he does allocate to her he is present and that makes a tremendous difference.

My Motivation and Inspiration

My motivation is making sure that my mother has a healthy life for the rest of her time here. She deserves to feel good and be included in as much as you wants to be apart of, without the stigma of her mental health hovering over her head. Having compassionate and kind doctors replenishes our faith in the mental health care system and is truly inspiring.

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