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Solving the Challenge of Traveling with Infusions


State: Connecticut
Congressional District: CT03


Gastrointestinal Disease

Issues and Challenges

Aaron has encountered: Access to Medicine, Insurance Issues, Prior Authorization

My Story

My journey with Ulcerative Colitis, now in its fourteenth year, has been more than a health challenge; it's been a profound learning curve.

Initially, travel seemed unattainable, but over time, I've turned my condition into an avenue for personal growth. By mastering the intricacies of arranging medical treatments on the go (such as figuring out how to get infusions across the US and how to get vacation overrides), I've reclaimed my passion for travel. Each trip is a testament to resilience, showing how one can live vibrantly despite a chronic illness. This chapter of my life is a narrative of overcoming and embracing the world with open arms, all while adeptly managing my Ulcerative Colitis.

My Motivation and Inspiration

A concussion in 2023 was a catalyst for introspection and change. Once I could read again, I began seeking stories of autoimmune patients and discovered that many had started their own businesses. It led me to embrace entrepreneurship, perfectly melding my professional ambitions and health needs. I'm grateful. My aim now is to share, inspire, and support fellow patients in finding the resources they need to travel. It's my way of giving back to so many who have given.

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