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Step Therapy Left Me With Chronic Pain


State: Texas
Congressional District: TX21


Bone / Muscle Disease, Chronic Pain, Mental Health, Migraine, Rare Disease

Issues and Challenges

Spencer has encountered: Step-Therapy / Fail First

My Story

I'm a veteran with 10 years of service to the United States Navy. I whole-heartedly believe that Step Therapy was instrumental in the destruction of my career. I began experiencing lower back pain several years ago, and despite numerous attempts to get the issue diagnosed, I was constantly on the treadmill of "next step up" treatment. Finally, after complaining of pain for years, I was granted an MRI prior to getting orders to Bahrain confirmed. Mind you, this wasn't to benefit me, but to make sure that I wouldn't be a liability if sent overseas. Low and behold, I had a massive herniated disc pressing directly on nerves in my lower back. I was given surgery, but ultimately it was too late. I have nerve damage that affects my left leg, and lower back. The slow, and literally painful, path of incremental treatment ruined my plans to serve my country for another 10 years. Please, put a stop to Step Therapy, and prevent things like this from happening again. I can promise you that I'm not the only service member this country has lost because of poor medical practices like this.

My Motivation and Inspiration

My motivation is to help others out there dealing with my same issues understand that they are not alone. I may not be able to do everything I used to, but I can turn my pain into something useful by making sure that others realize that chronic pain is real, and that if they are suffering from it - they need to get help, and not stop pushing until they get it.

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