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Step Therapy wasted a year of my life


State: Louisiana
Congressional District: LA04


Immune Disease

Issues and Challenges

Vickie has encountered: Copay Accumulator, Step-Therapy / Fail First

My Story

Having had Psoriasis for 17 years and Psoriatic Arthritis for 7 years I have had to deal with Step Therapy and not having price transparency. Step Therapy is a complete waste of time in that it forces you to take drugs that do not work. In my case it impacted a year of my life in that I had to take a drug for six months that did nothing to help. Then I had to wait another six months to get put on something else that did work. It was what my Dr wanted me on to begin with.

My Motivation and Inspiration

My motivation is simple. I do not want to be forced to take a step back in my health plan. Six months of ingesting a drug that was that step backwards so it along with the Psoriasis can just wreck havoc on my body.

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