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State: New York
Congressional District: NY10


Immune Disease, Neurological Disease

Issues and Challenges

Ritu has encountered: Access to Expert Providers, Geography

My Story

It was an ordinary day in November 2012 and I woke up with a stiff neck. I tried to brush this off thinking I had slept funny. This sensation then progressed down to the right side of my whole body with extreme touch sensitivity. In addition, I started to experience the strangest electric shock sensation throughout my body.

Little did I know that something I thought to be so simple would change my life forever. After visiting a number of neurologists who undertook various tests, I was diagnosed with MS. MS? I barely had an inkling about what MS is let alone be faced with such a diagnosis myself. Despite my shock and the endless questions spinning through my head, I was somewhat relieved that I was finally given a diagnosis so that I could start to look at the road to recovery.

Once I had come to terms with my diagnosis, I knew I had to do something to help others in a similar position to me. I then started a Facebook and Twitter page followed by Instagram.

I have now built a community where people can meet each other, share their opinions and make friends. I regularly interview multiple sclerosis specialists, doctors, nutritionists etc via Instagram Live which again, has proved to be extremely popular amongst my supporters. What is great is that fellow warriors can ask questions to the experts during my live sessions and I have found that this really does benefit my supporters.

Recently, I launched a podcast “10 Minutes for MS” where I interview doctors to speak about various topics related to MS. Since MS Warriors already spend a lot on their treat their MS, I have always made it a point to provide all of the resources to them, free of charge.

Today, I feel confident and strong. It is said that “everything happens for a reason” and I think that MS has given me a reason to do something great for the society and help others. MS doesn’t define me, I am stronger than it.

My Motivation and Inspiration

My parents have been my motivation. No matter what the difficulties come on your way, always face them with a smile and strength. Never let anything down, you are strong and powerful. you just need to believe in yourself.

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