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Young Black Woman faces gaslighting and discrimination

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Myisha Malone-King

State: Maryland
Congressional District: MD07


Mental Health

Issues and Challenges

Myisha Malone-King has encountered: Mental Health Access, Gaslighting, Medical Discrimination, Step-Therapy / Fail First

My Story

Let me tell you a story

My name is Myisha and I’m a victim a medical discrimination and medical gaslighting and step therapy. I’ve been forced to try medications that I’ve had allergic reactions to in the past. I’ve been denied access to the bathroom in public, even with a Crohns and Colitis Foundation access card. I’ve been discriminated against in the hospital due to my race and age - they figured that because I’m a young, African American woman that I can’t be sick or have a chronic illness.

Looks can be deceiving. what you see isn’t always what you get.

My Motivation and Inspiration

If it don’t matter in five years don’t give it five minutes of energy

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